Seneca SWCD is committed to assisting the public in the conservation and improved use of our natural resources. Seneca SWCD offers equipment rental and item purchasing to residents of the county and surrounding areas.

Items can be purchased or rented at the following prices:

  • 15’ John Deere No-Till Drill- $12/acre, $50 minimum use charge
  • 10’ Great Plains No-Till Drill- $10/acre, $100 minimum use charge
  • Tree Planter- $50 per use or per 1000 trees (whichever is greater)
  • Dibble Bars- $45 to Purchase or Rent (if renting, $40 refund upon dibble bar return)
  • Stapler- $20 per use (staples included)
  • Crimper- No charge
  • Netting- $0.20/foot
  • Marking Flags- $10 per 100; $7 per 50; $5 per 25
  • Digital Soil Survey (CD format)- $3
  • County Soil Survey Book- Free
  • RovverX Tile Camera- contact for current rates
  • Quickview Haloptic Camera- contact for current rates

*Seneca County landowners have first priority when renting Seneca SWCD equipment.

*Rented equipment can be delivered or picked up to a residence by customer request. Delivery or pickup is $50 for in Seneca County and $75 for out-of-county.



  • Call the office at (419) 447-7073  or email to schedule usage for any of the above items.

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As the Financial Coordinator, I spend my time keeping your taxpayer dollars accounted for. I also coordinate many of the District’s annual events, from the photo contest and tree sale to the election and meeting. Number crunching, balancing, communicating and reminding others are what I do. I most enjoy taking pictures of scenery, people and wildlife.

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