For many years the Seneca Conservation District has coordinated what we lovingly call the ‘tree sale’. A winter event where we sell trees to landowners to plant in the spring. The tree sale for 2015 is now underway and ordering will be open until April 3.

The 2015 Tree Sale Form needs to be printed and then filled out with your selected trees and contact info and then returned with your check or cash to the office in person or through the mail. Pick up of the ordered trees will be April 16 & 17 at our office.

We are offering  Conifer TreesHardwood Trees and Other Trees and Shrubs. Theses links will give you a picture and short description of each tree.

If you have any questions or want large quantities of trees this year, please contact our office. or 419-447-7073. Thank you for planting for our future!


About Dawn Mizen

As the Financial Coordinator, I spend my time keeping your taxpayer dollars accounted for. I also coordinate many of the District’s annual events, from the photo contest and tree sale to the election and meeting. Number crunching, balancing, communicating and reminding others are what I do. I most enjoy taking pictures of scenery, people and wildlife.

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