Were you out harvesting or trimming brush this winter when you noticed issues that appeared to be from tile malfunction? Think about renting one of our tile cameras. They can help you:

  • Identify the condition of your drainage systems
  • Pinpoint the exact location of problems & minimize intrusive excavation

We have two types of camera equipment available. One camera is mounted on a pole and works well in catch basins, culvert pipes, and tile outlets that give a quick view where your head won’t fit. This camera rents for $150 for two hours. The other camera is mounted on a self-propelled wheel base that fits into any tile 6″ and larger. It can travel up to 1000 feet into the system. This camera also delivers video on-screen while crawling through the system. This camera rents for $250 for the first two hours. Both cameras must be operated by our one of our technicians. Consecutive, additional hours of work will cost less than the first two. Call Jason or Joe to discuss availability.

Tile Camera Collage

About Joe Rumschlag

As the Ditch Maintenance Technician, I spend my time out and around the county keeping the water moving in all of the ditches, tiles and waterways that are under the District’s permanent maintenance. I also help out with the tile camera and new drainage projects or problems. Inspecting, digging, calling people and reporting are what I do. I enjoy writing about Seneca County and ways to conserve smarter and more economically.

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