Whether you are stumbling upon this post, clicked here out of curiosity or came straight here looking for answers, we are glad you are here–Let’s Talk Cover Crops!

Cover crops are a hot and deep topic and we truly want to talk with you about them! No matter who you are or what you do, cover crops and their benefits matter to you. We have set aside the month of April to talk with anyone from Seneca County, Ohio, about cover crops. Not only will we be talking about cover crops in April, we will be tweeting, posting, blogging, pinning, snapping, videoing and sharing about them too! All of our social media channels, as well as billboards, radio spots, newspapers and personal speaking engagements will feature cover crop information and conversations that our school friends, home friends and farm friends can use.

This is an open invitation to you –24 hours a day, 7 days of the week, thanks to social media and digital communication, to just talk, at your convenience about cover crops. We have a team of champions ready and willing to listen, explain, research further and spend time talking with you about cover crops. Some of them even prefer to use a telephone or pencil and paper to hold meaningful conversations! We will hook you up with the right team member for your “talking” preference. The Cover Crop Outreach Champion Team was strategically built of Seneca County folks of all ages, who have experience and passion for the future of food and responsible farming. They were selected because of their willingness to talk and their different areas of cover crop expertise. The team’s efforts are being supported, in part, by a grant from the National Wildlife Federation. This month is about you, our team wants you to know how much we care about talking with you, stick with us all month and we’ll show you how much we know.

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Cover crops are nothing new, no silver bullet and not a one size fits all answer. However, the good things they do make them a very valuable piece of the solution to solving some of Seneca County’s most pressing environmental issues…the algal bloom issues of Lake Erie, farming sustainably and profitably, leaving natural resources for the next generation of those who come to Seneca County to learn, live, work and play, and building communities where everyone has a role and wants to be a part. We will focus our blog and share other’s research on the good things they do:

  • Increase Infiltration
  • Improve Soil Health
  • Feed the Worms
  • Create Nitrogen
  • Suppress Weeds
  • Reduce Soil Compaction

What should you do? A few easy suggestions…bookmark us, add a reminder to your calendar to check our site weekly, sign up for our eNews, follow us on Instagram, Twitter or  look up our boards on Pinterest. You may follow us on Facebook, but need to “Get Notifications” for our page to show up in your Newsfeed. Do this by going to our page and hovering over the Like button, then select “Get Notifications”. Pick up the phone and ask to set a time to chat with a Cover Crop Champion. If you do any of these suggestions you have responded to our invitation and we will roll out the red carpet for you to talk with us! This meaningful conversation will help you teach, understand and use cover crops to reap the benefits that come along with being part of a responsible, community effort to make Seneca County a better place to learn, live, work and play, through cover crops!

Stay tuned as we introduce the team members and dive into the benefits…Let’s Talk Cover Crops!


About Beth Diesch

As the Outreach Coordinator, I spend my time finding ways to help more people and reach the District farther and wider (to the borders of the county). I also coordinate the education programs and write grants. Learning, creating, promoting and connecting are what I do. I enjoy writing about ways and ideas to teach kids, as well as, simple and easy things adults can do to be wise when using natural resources.

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