Yep, we are helping gardeners in Seneca County get started with cover crops! This fall we will be offering two options of seed blends to be used in gardens. One blend can be planted until November 1, this is the Late Mix. The other blend is Color and Cover, which can only be planted until October 1.

Each blend has species of cover crops that work at improving your soil all winter and need to be terminated in the spring, and species that will work hard, but will die on their own by spring. Please note that tilling and/or pulling the remaining cover crop in the spring  is not recommended. It destroys the soil structure and worm burrows. Try rolling, crushing, chopping or covering (from sunlight)  to terminate the plants and maximize the residue as mulch, soil amendment and nutrient source for your  garden crop.

The sample bags will cover 250 sq ft and are available, first come, first served by visiting our office. For additional seed, planting directions and blend details, just ask us or visit

Make sure you check out our Pinterest boards on Cover Crops for Gardens or Other Backyard Conservation Ideas!


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As a Nutrient Technician, I spend my time helping farmers manage the nutrients necessary to grow crops, with a special emphasis on the economical and environmental concerns. I also help on grants and educational events. Sampling, analyzing, budgeting and visiting are what I do. I enjoy writing about precision farming technology, cover crops and being responsible citizens.

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