It’s the middle of October and here, in Seneca County, we are well into the middle part of harvest. Many of you may have thought about planting cover crops at some time in the past this summer, but didn’t get a chance to plant any yet because of your priority of running the combine. It’s not too late!

If you want to keep your nitrogen and phosphorus on your farm, suppress weeds for next year’s crop and control erosion from your fields find time now to plant cover crops. You could fill your dryer, line up other truck drivers or just get up a little earlier to make yourself some time to plant cover crops this week!

Here’s what I’d recommend…(it will work until early November around here)

Seeding Options: (Pick One)

  • 1 bushel/acre of cereal rye (less than $20/ac)
  • 6-8 pounds/acre of rape seed (less than $10/ac)
  • 1 bushel rye and 1# rape seed blended (less than $22/ac)

Seeding Method: (Pick One)

  • No-Till Drill – You can rent ours if needed
  • Vertical Till Cover Crop Seeder – Pictured here

  • Broadcast Seeder -then run a light tool over to get seed/soil contact

If you’re wondering why we don’t recommend radish, peas or other cover crop options, check out our Spring Cover Crop Plot results or this series of videos from NW Indiana. It is too late for these other seed options. There are multiple places around Seneca County that have other species of cover crops planted, if you want to know where and drive by to see what they look like, check out the map closest to you. The map’s are broken down by the Northeast (NE), Northwest (NW), Southeast (SE), Southwest (SW) corners of Seneca County.

Call if you have questions! (419)447-7073

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As a Nutrient Technician, I spend my time helping farmers manage the nutrients necessary to grow crops, with a special emphasis on the economical and environmental concerns. I also help on grants and educational events. Sampling, analyzing, budgeting and visiting are what I do. I enjoy writing about precision farming technology, cover crops and being responsible citizens.

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