From November 23, 2003 until October 18, 2015, our Seneca Conservation District family was different. Drastically different! As the District Program Administrator of Seneca Conservation District, Tia J. Rice was known for being DIFFERENT.











Tia’s passion and leadership in natural resource conservation, agriculture, and people was evident in her personal and professional life. Whether taking her son to a pheasant hunt, making her daughter help at a work event, or encouraging her employees to take care of their own family and farms, she led with a “family first” attitude, while working hard at making conservation happen wherever she was. Tia served on many task forces and committees at county, state and national levels guiding the future of locally led, professionally staffed, and adequately funded soil and water conservation districts. She was involved in many local organizations with her “conservation” hat, but always gave generously of her time to further what she knew was right and needed done, because she cared about the people in each group.

If you learned anything from the life of Tia, be different with it! If you want to memorialize Tia’s impact in your life, in your organization, or at your business; we are collecting memorial funds to distribute a scholarship in her honor to students attending her alma mater, THE Ohio State University. Stay tuned for more details on applying for the scholarship.

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As the Outreach Coordinator, I spend my time finding ways to help more people and reach the District farther and wider (to the borders of the county). I also coordinate the education programs and write grants. Learning, creating, promoting and connecting are what I do. I enjoy writing about ways and ideas to teach kids, as well as, simple and easy things adults can do to be wise when using natural resources.

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