Are you looking for a unique classroom experience to have in your school? This is just the thing! The Organization for Bat Conservation will be conducting a web program for any fourth grade classroom for free!

This 30-45 minute live web program will feature education specialists from the Organization for Bat Conservation as well as live bats! The educators will introduce breeds of bats found all around the world, the importance of bats in various ecosystems, and how threats like White-nose Syndrome are causing population decline.

The program also includes an in-class research and writing project on White-nose Syndrome in bats. This research project will teach students how interaction between bats and humans has affected the bat population decline. For more background information and lesson ideas for this project as well as many other informational links, click here.

bat-conservation-educationIf you would like to have the Organization for Bat Conservation come to YOUR classroom contact or begin scheduling your free live bat web program here. A large screen and internet connection will be necessary for the program. You can also view the flyer or visit their website. The Organization for Bat Conservation also has many other programs they offer! To view their other live animal programs visit their website link here.


If you haven’t visited our Pinterest board ‘Teach-Bats’…you really should no matter what grade you teach!

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I have always been interested in how the different components of a system interact and affect one another. Being from a rural area and recognizing the importance of farming and the soil I was drawn to the idea of working with people who were involved in agriculture, conservation, and solving the problems in the lake. I like learning about and being involved in the many different aspects of conservation and getting to know the people of Seneca County.

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