Radishes everywhere?

Worried?  Don’t Be!


For the past several years, and usually about this time, the question that always seems to arise from first time cover croppers is: “What do I do with all the dead radish carcasses?” Summer planted radishes grow quite large in a short amount of time (one of the many positive traits). After a killing freeze, it takes some time for these radishes to decompose and wither away.

There is still plenty of time this spring for decomposition to occur.  Sometimes they will not fully rot away and what remains is dried, Styrofoam looking shells.  No worries, the planter or tillage equipment will destroy what remains and shouldn’t interfere with field operations.

Lastly, if you are walking through the remains of a radish field at this time of year, you will also notice the soil cavity that remains. Again, no worries, spring rains will cause these holes to silt in by planting time.



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