The Tiffin-Seneca Library has chosen the book Gaining Ground by farmer Forrest Pritchard. That being said, the community read of this month will be based on the farming and agriculture of Seneca county!

“It’s a compliment to the heritage of Seneca County that the Library chose an agricultural-based book for this year’s Community Read!” says Beth Diesch. “It is also a challenge to explore a type of farm that is different from 95% of the farms here. Isn’t that the beauty of a book… to connect, challenge and inspire each reader’s mind differently, with the same words on each page.”

The book, Gaining Ground, tells of Pritchard’s family farm in the Shenandoah Valley. In refusing to let his family farm disappear, Pritchard fights with income and family heath issues. Through humor and heart, he tells his story in a way that can be relatable to anyone- rural or urban. By visiting the library, you can read Pritchard’s novel yourself and join us in discussion! Forrest Pritchard will be at the Tiffin-Seneca Library to discuss his book on Thursday, March 30 at 7 pm. To view the flyer on his presentation, click here!

In addition to Pritchard’s visit to the library, there will also be several other events centered around the idea of agriculture, including two hosted by Seneca Conservation District! We would really like to see you there!


  • Agriculture in Seneca County: Past, Present, & Future– Monday, March 6 at 6:30 pm
    • Learn all about the county’s farming history and future, as presented by a panel of experts that include Tonia Hoffert from the Seneca County Museum; Beth Diesch from the Seneca Conservation District; Mike Burkholder from Sunrise Cooperative; and Calvin Staib from the Seneca County Agricultural Society. (Agriculture in Seneca County: Past, Present, & Future flier)
  • How Farmers are Making Soil Healthier & Water Cleaner– Wednesday, March 15 at 6:30 pm
    • Join the Seneca Conservation District for a 90 minute program that will share environmental actions that Seneca County farmers are taking. Hands-on activities, demonstrations, real facts, and true stories will be shared, as well as time for questions. (How Farmers are Making Soil Healthier & Water Cleaner flier)
  • To check out other events that are going on at the library, open the community read flier community read flier.

The above community read events make great opportunities for people to get together and share their farming stories and experiences!

“We are very privileged to share Seneca County farmers stories about their heritage, values, challenges and rewards, as part of the Community Read activities,” says Beth Diesch. “Through our blog, ‘Past, Present, & Future’ event, as well as the “What Farmers are Doing” event we will be connecting our county farmers to the community of readers.” If you are willing to share your story with the community, please contact Beth for more details.

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I have enjoyed hunting, fishing, and the outdoors my entire life. My enjoyment of writing, reading, and teaching others leads me to want to share my passions of the environment. I have also found conservation to be very important and I am well aware of how important conservation choices are! Through my work with the District, I like to deliver information that is helpful, inspiring, and challenging for our readers to make even better conservation choices of all our natural resources!

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