Patience can be hard with anything- especially when we are waiting for something to grow. If you’re staring at your pollinator plot every morning and still haven’t seen a beautiful field of wildflowers appear, don’t worry!

These plants don’t grow over night or sometimes even in the first year. Patience is the biggest thing for people to remember. If you wait, it will grow. The mixes provided by Pheasants Forever have many different grasses and forbs that can take anywhere from 1-3 years to fully establish and be full of color and beauty. You will see some forbs and flowers early on in the first year but the rest will take time. The appearance of weeds in pollinator plots tend to scare people but there is nothing to worry about as weeds are very common in the first year or so. Spot spraying with 2-4D can help solve this problem.

If you have any questions about your pollinator plot, contact myself ( or Christina Slover ( or call the office at (419) 447-7073.

About Collin Warrick

“There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country” -Theodore Roosevelt. Conservation in my mind is a large issue that needs to be taken more seriously. My goal is to help solve this issue by assisting the farmers of Seneca County to the best of my ability. When I’m not in the office I enjoy farming, hunting, fishing, and working on my wildlife food plots.

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