As many of you know, our 19th annual Mobility Impaired Deer Hunt was held recently at Miller Conservation Farm! The 2017 hunt resulted in two deer being harvested (one doe, one button buck) and four other hunters firing shots. Below is a guest blog by Steve Wright, president of the Izaack Walton League, about his take on the week!


The 2017 Mobility Impaired Deer Hunt was a great success this year with 16 hunters. Two deer were harvested and four other hunters fired shots! The weather was great this year other then a couple of hours of rain at lunch time on Thursday.

Monday started off with all four hunters showing up for a hardy breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and coffee; thanks to “Grumpy’s Dinner.”
One of our first time hunters from Elmwood Assisted Living in Green Springs showed up needing a gun, ammunition, hunter orange, and some warm clothes (he did have a licence!), but he was all excited about being able to hunt for the first time in over 15 years! We were able to supply all of his needs and got him set up in a blind in the “Food Plot”  for a day of hunting. Shortly after returning to the blind after lunch, we receive a call from him proclaiming in a loud excited voice that he had just shot a doe!
When we went to retrieve him and his deer, we could hear him shouting and pointing to where the deer was as we entered the field! He was happy hunter! What a way to start off the week! This is what makes it all worth the work putting this on!!
Wednesday, another hunter got a button buck in the same field.  Several other hunters saw deer through out the week with some getting shots.
All in all we had a safe and rewarding time at “DEER CAMP” this year. A special thanks to all of the volunteers from the Izaack Walton League and Seneca Conservation District that came out to make the hunt a success for all the hunters! Looking forward to Deer Camp 2018! This will be the 20th anniversary of IWL doing this hunt!

We highly encourage all who are interested/eligible for this hunt to apply for next year’s hunt! If you haven’t hunted in years and do not have the necessary equipment, no need to worry! We will help you find what you need! Applications for the Mobility Impaired Hunt start being accepted around late October/early November so make sure to watch our website next fall!

Our annual 2018 Muzzleloader Deer Hunt will be taking place once again at Miller Conservation Farm! Applications are being accepted for this hunt now through January 1, 2018. For more information or to apply for this hunt, click the link picture below.

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