Are you interested in participating in an EQIP Program? The deadline to sign an application is March 16th!

Stop in the office if you are interested or would like to sign an application. After the application is signed, a farm visit will be scheduled to discuss the resource concerns on your farm and which conservation practices would be best suited to address the concerns. Cover Crops, Nutrient Management, Manure Storage and Water Control Structures are some of the conservation practices that have incentives available to implement on your farm.

Contact the office for further information!

3140 South State Route 100, Suite D Tiffin, Ohio 44883

(419) 447-7073

About Sarah Schott

I have enjoyed hunting, fishing, and the outdoors my entire life. My enjoyment of writing, reading, and teaching others leads me to want to share my passions of the environment. I have also found conservation to be very important and I am well aware of how important conservation choices are! Through my work with the District, I like to deliver information that is helpful, inspiring, and challenging for our readers to make even better conservation choices of all our natural resources!

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