After working for years to help farmers make a cover crop plan that works in their fields and meets their goals, we have finally been able to create a Seneca County Cover Crop Plan! 

Its just a simple one-page, printable plan that works for any goal and geographical area. The secret to it’s success is the conversation and thoughts that the farmer and cover crop coach have! The Seneca County Cover Crop Plan is not a miraculous piece of paper, just a tool to have and document a plan for farmers to improve their soil health by using cover crops.

If you have any questions about the Plan or are from the Seneca County, Ohio area and would like help talking about a plan for your farm, contact Bret Margraf.

Please note: We appreciate the Seneca County Commissioners support of conservation and cover crops by giving Seneca Conservation District public funds to work with. We also appreciate your respect to our work by freely sharing and using this document with any credit given to Seneca County, Ohio or #SenecaCountyOhio.

About Bret Margraf

As a Nutrient Technician, I spend my time helping farmers manage the nutrients necessary to grow crops, with a special emphasis on the economical and environmental concerns. I also help on grants and educational events. Sampling, analyzing, budgeting and visiting are what I do. I enjoy writing about precision farming technology, cover crops and being responsible citizens.

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