We would like to congratulate Courtney Heiser, the winner of the 2018 Seneca Conservation District Scholarship!


Courtney is a graduate of Seneca East High School and will be attending Ohio State ATI this fall where she will major in agricultural communications. Upon graduation, Courtney plans to be employed at an agricultural cooperative or company working in the marketing department. 

Courtney Heiser- Winner of the 2018 Seneca Conservation District Scholarship

Courtney was very involved in high school playing volleyball, golf, and soccer all four years. She was also involved in Yearbook, Class Cabinet, FFA, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), Pep Club, (Students Aganist Destructive Decisions (SADD), Science Club, and National Honor Society (NHS). Courtney also performs many hours of community service including helping at her church, food pantry, and library.

Courtney has earned an FFA Greenhand Degree, FFA Star Greenhand Degree, FFA Chapter Degree, and FFA Star Chapter Degree. She has also earned the Ag Credit 110% Award and National Machinery Citizenship Award.

When asked to to describe what Seneca County means to you in a 280 character tweet, Courtney responded with:

“For 2 years, I have been involved in the Tiffin Community Foundation’s Youth Advisory Council. We visit non-profit organizations throughout the county and evaluate their grant applications. My favorite part of Seneca County is the effort these non-profits put into our county to make it a better place!”

Courtney’s other essay was on her favorite childhood book. “Looking back, my favorite childhood books were the ‘Dick and Jane’ series… The characters of ‘Dick and Jane’ were always going on adventures, and I aspired to be like them. After I finished my reading for the day, I would explore the farm and go on adventures of my own, just like the characters in the ‘Dick and Jane’ books!”

We wish Courtney and other Seneca County students the best of luck in their future endeavors. We are excited to see what the next leaders of conservation accomplish!

Seneca Conservation District offers yearly scholarships to students who are pursuing a higher education in the field of conservation. We strongly encourage eligible students to apply. The 2019 Application will be released around the end of January, so make sure you watch our website! Meanwhile, for reference, click here for the 2018 Scholarship Application.

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