Seneca County… Are you Farming With Grit???

What do we mean by “grit,” you ask? Well, we know it took you grit to make your farm what it is today. Most likely, it took grit for generations before you in your family as well. It took grit for the first Ohio farmers to turn the Great Black Swamp into the successful farm lands that exist today. Your land has a history.

Now we are asking you to use that same grit to keep this land successful for future generations. We are asking you to stop and think what you could do to make your land better, for yourself and for future generations. Your land has a future.

So, how can you #FarmWithGrit?

Start by checking out this video!

Head to our new website! Explore this website and check out some best management practices you might be able to apply to your farm (if you aren’t already, that is!)

Contact us! Get in touch with our team and find out how you can #FarmWithGrit!



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About Sarah Schott

I have enjoyed hunting, fishing, and the outdoors my entire life. My enjoyment of writing, reading, and teaching others leads me to want to share my passions of the environment. I have also found conservation to be very important and I am well aware of how important conservation choices are! Through my work with the District, I like to deliver information that is helpful, inspiring, and challenging for our readers to make even better conservation choices of all our natural resources!

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