Seneca Conservation District would like to invite your company or business to partner with us! Below is some general information about our Partner Packages and the advertisement and exposure your company or business would receive from us. For further information, we invite you to contact our Team!


SCD currently offers three packages that will give your company more visibility on multiple platforms. There is an option to fit your needs!


1. Web Package $250.00 $187.50

Our basic Web Package includes display ad space on our website, which receives more than 1,800 visits every month. The Seneca Conservation District website is the hub for all of our conservation information and is segmented into Farm, Home, and School, for our visitors’ interest.

2. Social Media Package $375.00 $281.25

Our Social Media Package opens you up to an even larger audience. In addition to the 1,800 views from our website, we will post about our partnership with you and get your information out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook (over 4,000 people reached monthly just on our Facebook page!).

3. Farm Support Package $500.00 $375.00

If you have an interest in being more involved specifically with our farm audience we have a Farm Support Package that will get your message directly to our producers and create connections with them that you could be missing. This package includes website ad space, a featured blog post that can be viewed on our website, and in our digital newsletter that has more than 850 subscribers, and featured logo space, signage, and real-time social media coverage at one farm event!


Whether you want basic ad space or to take this partnership a step farther and become a Farm Supporter, we have a package that will get your message out to more people and connect your business with more of Seneca County Ohio. If you have any additional questions or are interested in becoming a sponsor, we urge you to contact our Outreach Department via the information below!


Kayla Moore- Administration Assistant & Education Coordinator

Phone: (419) 447-7073




Mandy Brause- NRCS Program Assistant

Phone: (419) 447-7073



About Sarah Schott

I have enjoyed hunting, fishing, and the outdoors my entire life. My enjoyment of writing, reading, and teaching others leads me to want to share my passions of the environment. I have also found conservation to be very important and I am well aware of how important conservation choices are! Through my work with the District, I like to deliver information that is helpful, inspiring, and challenging for our readers to make even better conservation choices of all our natural resources!

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