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To help people realize their financial goals.
To create career opportunities for our employees.
To provide an equitable return for our shareholders.


#PartnerSpotlight History

Image: the original 1920 building that remains the headquarters of Sutton Bank today in Attica, Ohio.

Sutton Bank takes great pride in their connection to the community for 140 years! Established in 1878 by Lester Sutton, Sutton Bank has survived and prospered through the Great Depression, times of wars, and changing economies. 

A year prior to the opening of Sutton Bank, Lester decided he want to formally establish a bank in Attica. He purchased a property on North Main Street from Mr. and Mrs. Crist Limbaugh. The Limbaugh homestead was destroyed and a new building was built to Lester Sutton’s specifications. This building still survives as the southern end of the old North Central Electric Cooperative building. In the meeting room of North Central, one can still see some of the beautiful woodwork and windows that were once part of the old bank!

Then, Sutton Bank decided to improve their banking. In August of 1918 Sutton Bank purchased a part on inlot 16 in Attica. A new bank was built on this location and was dedicated on August 28, 1920. This building still stands and remains as the bank’s headquarters on South Main Street in Attica, Ohio.

For the next several decades, generations of Suttons entered the banking business as the bank was passed through the generations. Sutton Bank has now grown to eight locations across Ohio.

“A progressive, privately held independent, community bank, Sutton Bank has consistently been named one of the top small business and agricultural lenders in the State of Ohio. This supports our dedication to meeting the financial needs of the community, and our commitment to providing exceptional customer service with local decision-making.”

For more information about the history of Sutton Bank, click here.


#PartnerSpotlight Farming Community

Sutton Bank is aware of the importance farmers hold in the Ohio community and takes great pride in their connection to this community. Therefore, Sutton Bank offers the right loans, great rates, and flexible repayment terms you need to continue growing and thriving in Seneca County. Their lending experts live and work where you do, and possess advanced knowledge of your farm’s needs.

For more information about Sutton Bank’s connection to the farming community and loans they offer, click here.


#PartnerSpotlight Contact

To contact Sutton Bank customer services, call 800.422.3641 (Mon.-Fri. 8-6, Sat. 8-12 EST).

For more information about how to contact Sutton Bank, click here.

Sutton Bank has eight locations in order to make your accessibility to their banking systems easier!

To view all eight locations and their hours, click here.


For more general information about Sutton Bank, we encourage you to visit their website or contact one of the branches.

Thank you, Sutton Bank, for being our partner!


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