Our team has been working for a couple of years to share the benefits of cover crops for farms! The passion and knowledge that cover crops, as a practice on conservation farms, are solutions to problems is not something we can keep secret.

This spreading of the gift of cover crops to others had allowed our team to meet and work many farmers, organizations and people who are VERY passionate and knowledgeable.  Below is a list of a few of our favorite resources to turn to when looking for ideas on how to Grow More Cover Crops!

Dr. Robyn Wilson, Engaging the Next Wave of Cover Crop Adopters —Wilson et al.2017.Cover crop report

Dr. Robyn Wilson, Closing the Efficacy Gap

Jay Arbuckle – Iowa Cover Crop Adoption Perceptions

Great Lakes Protection Fund – A funding partner for the big idea on culture change to grow More Cover Crops 

Video Featuring Seneca County farmers efforts for the Great Lakes

Dave Bandt –Spring 2017 Field Day Speaker Videos – Including Ray Archuleta, Gabe Brown, Buz Kloot, Rick Haney and more!

National Wildlife Federation – Reference List

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