Chris Teachout will be at the Camden Falls Conference Center on December 10th to share his experiences with:

  • Interseeding Cover Crops into Corn

  • 30-inch vs. 60-inch Rows

  • Saving time, increasing biomass, and harvesting more sunlight


Chris Teachout is a 5th generation producer on a farm in Shenandoah, Iowa that dates back in his family to 1876. When it comes to soil heath, Chris is a major proponent of cover crops. Whether it’s cereal rye, oats, barley, flax and more, he says cover crops can have a powerful impact on the organisms that live beneath the ground.




WHEN: December 10th, 6:00 p.m.

WHERE: Camden Falls Conference Center
2460 OH-231, Tiffin


Dinner and drinks are “On Your Own” – order off the famous Carmie’s BBQ menu and enjoy your hot food while listening to Chris and chatting with other farmers.

SCD Board of Supervisors Election will take place prior to the Cover Crop Chat.




Registration is required by December 4th!
Call the office at 419-447-7073 or e-mail



About Eric Eberhard

If we maintain and respect the natural resources we have now, we can develop a legacy for generations to come; and they might also be inspired to do the same. As the new District Technician, I hope to use my knowledge of agronomy and AG retail to over-come the problems we are seeing with our natural resources. My pride in conservation reflects the practices on my family farm where everything is no-till and cover cropped. I really enjoy farming in Seneca County because of how adaptive the producers are. They are willing to try new things that may be outside of their comfort zone but will help make for a better tomorrow for us all.

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