For those who want more resilient farms – farmers, advisers, and ag industry reps!

Profitable farms start and grow from healthy soil!


You won’t want to miss the farmers, lunch, speakers, dessert, and CCA credits that are available at the 4th Annual Ohio Soil Health Symposium on March 5th at the Kehoe Center in Shelby, OH.OSHS 2020 promises to build on the last three years of success AND add a twist with more farmers and discussion topics!


Barry Fisher, Indiana State Soil Health Specialist from NRCS, will create a very simple plan for all farms to improve their resilience to markets, weather, critical neighbors, and pests!

Additional speakers and topics include Kasey Bamberger, Sjoerd Duiker, Daniel Brothers Farm, regenerative ag, livestock integration, social media, securing grants, and more!


The Agenda is packed with topics you can pick from.

Registration is $50 if you attended in the past or $60, if not.


If you have any questions or want details on how to be a sponsor of this event, contact Allie. (419)447-7073



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I grew up in here in Tiffin catching fish and frogs out of nearby creeks. As I grew older, my love for the outdoors grew with me, and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in conservation. I have traveled our country to Colorado, Alaska, and Arizona working with conservation; ultimately, I have decided to return to Tiffin where I call home. My deep understanding of conservation and ability to communicate it with others is what I bring to the Seneca Conservation District. When I am not at work, I enjoy hiking, fishing, reading, playing tennis, swimming, and taking my dog to the dog park!

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