Seneca Conservation District has been a staple in the community serving Seneca County since 1949. Our knowledge and expertise in natural resources allows us to provide you with the resources you need to address the conservation issues of your home, backyard, or residential community.


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We Have:

We Help with:

  • Nutrient Management– proper lawn fertilization & mowing guidance
  • Improving Soil Health– through gardening cover crops, composting or vermiculture
  • Responsible Water Quality and Quantity Issues– from surface and subsurface runoff
  • Protecting Wildlife Habitat– with food, water and shelter enhancements for all types of animals
  • Conservation Education– resources tailored to adult and youth audiences in all mediums

We Do:

  • Investigations of wildlife damage and nuisance complaints
  • Drainage and floodplain neighbor issues
  • On-site consulting to attract (or deter) wildlife
  • Sustainable living assistance
  • Guidance to local officials to protect or restore natural resources
  • Technical and educational presentations to small and large groups

We Oversee:


Important Dates & Reminders

Board Meetings - 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7pm

Free Youth Clay Shoots

There will be two youth clay shoots held at Miller Conservation Farm this year! Don’t miss out on this great (and free!) opportunity!

Earlin Thallman Group

The Earl Thallman Group requested assistance with improving their drainage. Meetings were held in March, April, and August to plan the improvement.

Cover Crop Chats

Do you have questions about cover crops you want answered? Are you wondering how to recover your cover crops from pipeline construction? Join us at one of our cover crop chats!

Farm to Lake Tour

If you are a Seneca County farmer, you’re invited to attend a unique tour of the resources of our lake!