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Spring Cover Crop Plot Results

Here’s the collection of result pictures from the 2014-15 cover crop plot. We planted in 2 week intervals and have summarized the results. Check out the lessons to remember for your farm.

Cover Crops – Increase Infiltration

Cover crops work above ground and underground to increase infiltration to move water into the soil profile for your cash crop. Check out how and why they work.



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Interested in Planting a Food Plot for Wildlife?

Seneca County landowners who are interested in planting a food plot for wildlife can receive corn, sorghum or sunflower seed by contacting our office.  The free seed is available first come, first serve through our partnership with Seneca County Chapter of Pheasant’s...

Spring Migration Has Begun!

We have all been waiting for that warmer weather…those sunny spring days…spring flowers…green grass…warm breeze…and yes our fine feathered friends.  Just the other day, I saw a rufous-sided towhee at my bird feeder, a kingfisher on my...



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Our First Hashtag Contest and the Winners

When we decided to launch our first hashtag contest on Instagram we didn’t have real high expectations, but we did have a good reason to try it! Find out who entered, who got a prize and who are the real winners in our #meandmytree contest.

Our 5 Favorite Cover Crop Teaching Resources

We love cover crops, but only because we know about them. To spread the love, we’ve compiled our best teaching treasures for you. Check out videos, prezi’s, links, boards and more!

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