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Buckeye Soil Solutions, LLC is a family owned company started by Ryan Shanks and Mike Willeke who began a farming partnership in 1999. They later formed Scioto Valley Growers, LLC- 2,500 acres of diversified grain and vegetable farm in Northwest Ohio.

They have been using strip till and no-till since their partnership began. The implementation of cover crops was and still is a necessity to hold their muck soil in place from wind erosion. Their conservation passion led them to utilize cover crops on all acres of their farm.

Shanks and Willeke were determined to find an efficient and effective way to seed cover crops. This lead to the design and construction of a high clearance, dual purpose sprayer/seeder.


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Buckeye Soil Solutions specializes in custom application of cover crop seed using their high clearance proprietary, purpose built high clearance seeders. They provide cover crop consultation and cover crop seed sales. Their innovative application method provided them the ability to apply cover crops into your standing cash crop. 

Buckeye Soil Solutions has applied 1000’s of acres of cover crops to meet the needs of conversation-minded farmers. They believe that cover crops provide many benefits which include minimizing nutrient runoff, increased soil health, reduction in soil erosion, and increased water holding capacity of your soils.


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If you are interested in learning more about Buckeye Soil Solutions or would like to learn more about their services, you can contact Ryan Shanks or Mike Willeke via the information below:

Ryan Shanks



Mike Willeke

For more general information about Buckeye Soil Solutions, we encourage you to visit their Facebook Page!

Thank you, Buckeye Soil Solutions, for being our partner!

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