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Seneca Conservation District

Seneca Conservation District 3140 South State Route 100, Suite D Tiffin, OH 448833

 Seneca Conservation District Team

 Beth Diesch – Team Leader

Serving Seneca County residents since 2000

If we don’t use our natural resources, we will die. If we don’t use our natural resources wisely, we will die. This simple, middle of the road, common sense approach to conservation is how I was born and raised. Consequently, it is now my lifestyle and is what I am passing on to my children. I have always enjoyed helping others, and this organization has been doing just that since 1949. It is an honor to be a small part of the great work and to spread our mission statement to the people of Seneca County whether they be farmers, educators, or children!  Outside of the office I am a farm wife, mother, cookie baker, Bible class teacher, and involved in my school and community events.  Bringing new ideas, enthusiasm, approaches, and connections to conservation efforts at Seneca Conservation District is what I’m good at.

Bret Margraf – Nutrient Technician & Business Leader

Serving Seneca County residents since 2000

To quote Franklin D. Roosevelt, “A nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.”  The solution to many of our water quality issues starts with healthy soils. Soils that retain water will reduce erosion and nutrient loss, but most importantly will produce greater yields to feed a never-ending and growing population. I like being part of the solution by helping in my home area of the country. When I’m not at work I am a father, farmer, coach, and community member. My passion for promoting conservation farming is the skill I bring to Seneca Conservation District.  This is something I truly enjoy doing and I practice what I preach!

Jason Kirgis – Technician

Serving Seneca County residents since 2008

A wise man once told me, “Leave things better than you found them.”  I want to look around and know that I am making improvements; it’s important for me to improve things that surround me. When I’m not at Seneca Conservation District I farm, mow lawns, build, and remodel for co-workers, family, and friends. I am always trying to find something, anything, and everything to do!  My calm, can-do attitude is the best asset that I bring to the office.  Anything and everything is possible with a little work, though it’s not worth getting excited about.

Dawn Mizen – Financial Coordinator

Serving Seneca County residents since 1997

Preserving the land for future generations is the reason I like conserving Seneca County’s natural resources.  When I’m not in the office, you will find me outside with my camera taking pictures of interesting things. The skill that I add to the office is my ability to multi-task. When the phone rings, someone walks in the door, and the copier is jammed, all at the same time, I will help!

Joe Rumschlag – Ditch Maintenance Technician

Serving Seneca County since 1997

Being part of a great team and serving others is what I value. At Seneca Conservation District, the staff and board of supervisors have proven that service and teamwork are important to them. I’m happy to be working in natural resources with such a great group of people. Away from the office, I farm, have a wife and two children, and enjoy coaching my son’s basketball team. Knowing, remembering, and caring about the people that live, farm, and work in Seneca County is the skill I bring to the office. For over 20 years, I’ve worked with many landowners and properties to apply that history and knowledge in order to help in the years ahead is what I add to the team.

Kendall Stucky – Farm Manager

Serving Seneca County residents since 2008

I’ve always valued topsoil and working where I live. Conserving our natural resources is important because I want to live in Seneca County for many more years and want the same for those after me. I farm 400 acres with my brother and own some racehorses. In my spare time, I enjoy racing horses, traveling, and bike riding.

Kayla Moore- Admin Assistant & Education Coordinator

Serving Seneca County residents since 2016

I have always been very personable and spreading the knowledge of conservation is what is important to me. I work with others on outreach programs in order to better educate the people of Seneca County about conservation. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and spending time with my family.

Allie Sendelbach- Area Conservation Technician

Serving Seneca County residents since 2016

I grew up in here in Tiffin catching fish and frogs out of nearby creeks. As I grew older, my love for the outdoors grew with me, and I knew I wanted to pursue a career in conservation. I have traveled our country to Colorado, Alaska, and Arizona working with conservation; ultimately, I have decided to return to Tiffin where I call home. My deep understanding of conservation and ability to communicate it with others is what I bring to the Seneca Conservation District. When I am not at work, I enjoy hiking, fishing, reading, playing tennis, swimming, and taking my dog to the dog park!

Mandy Brause- NRCS Program Assistant

Serving Seneca County residents since 2016

Being part of something bigger has always been a driving force that motivates me in life. Finding ways to inspire people to realize the reward and satisfaction that results from working cooperatively toward a common goal is exciting for me. I genuinely enjoy the way of life that family operated farming provides, and I enjoy fostering those values in a professional setting. Outside of the office I enjoy countless activities, especially anything outside and family oriented. My adaptability and ambition to implement innovative ways to help the farmers and public of Seneca County with the future visions for conservation is my best asset to Seneca Conservation District.

Morgan Scheffler- MNM Specialist

Serving Seneca County residents since 2016

“Land, then, is not merely soil; it is a fountain of energy flowing through a circuit of soils, plants, and animals.” -Aldo Leopold. Livestock production has always been a passion of mine. I come from a family farm of raising livestock and grain, and I am also an alumni of The Ohio State University-Agricultural Technical Institute with a major in Livestock Production and Management. Being able to share my knowledge that I have gained through experience as well as from the classroom is something I really enjoy. My focus at Seneca Conservation District is helping livestock producers with nutrient management. In my free time, I enjoy going to tractor pulls, hanging out with my family and friends, attending country concerts/fairs, and showing cattle.

Ann Cramer- MNM Assistant

Serving Seneca County residents since 2016

I work with Morgan as the Manure Nutrient Management assistant and assist with helping livestock producers with nutrient management. Here at the Seneca Conservation District, my greatest strength is my ability to cooperate and work with everyone in the office as a team player. In my free time, I enjoy playing piano, golfing, and painting furniture.

Sarah Schott- Communication Trainee

Serving Seneca County residents since 2016

Conservation is not the preservation of resources. It is the using of our resources in such a manner that the resources will still exist for future generations. Some places are meant to be preserved, but here in Seneca County our resources are meant to be used through farming, hunting, fishing, and such. As a child, I was taught conservation through hunting and fishing. Because of this, my love for the outdoors is very great and my passion to share it with others is even greater. Through our outreach program, my goal is to share my knowledge of the outdoors with others in order to improve their conservation practices. My knowledge of wildlife and communication skills is what I bring to the Seneca Conservation District.

Board of Supervisors

Joe Steyer – President   

I have been leading Seneca Conservation District from Pleasant Township for seven years now. My passion here at SCD is making sure the residents of Seneca County are given numerous opportunities and have the option to receive assistance to obtain those opportunities. As a group, we have moved the District forward, built it for the present, and positioned it for the short and long term by having good people in place and allowing them to do thier respective jobs. When I am not promoting conservaiton here at SCD, I enjoy watching college and pro sports as well as my son’s various activites.

Chris Schimpf – Vice Chairman

 In 2007, I was elected to serve from Bloom Township on the Seneca Conservation District Board. I have also been on the Board of Directors for Area 1 of the Ohio Federation of Soil & Water (OFSWCD) since 2009.




Roger Fruth – Secretary   

I have been a member of the Seneca Conservation District Board since 2012 from Hopewell Township.





Eric Eberhard – Member

I was elected to lead the Seneca Conservation District from Thompson Township in 2015. Since then, I have brought a different perspective on conservation through a younger set of eyes. I work in construction and agriculture retail in Bellevue. My favorite program that SCD puts on are the farmer meetings and field days. In my free time, I enjoy farming and relaxing with family and friends.

Joe Kimmet – Fiscal Agent

I was elected to serve on the Seneca Conservation District Board in 2011. Being born and raised here in Liberty Township, I know the importance of our land here in Seneca County. During my two terms at SCD, I have brought my knowledge of conservation and cover crops and have enjoyed watching the cover crops program thrive. I love spending time with my family and fixing equipment.


NRCS Staff

Mary Ann Hawk – District Conservationist

Helping landowners and operators solve resource problems and seeing positive changes on the land is why I love working in conservation. I work with all the federal conservation programs such as EQIP, CSP, CRP, WRP, and FRPP. Over 30 years of experience with NRCS and my personal experience from farming is what I bring to the team. When I am not at work, I enjoy gardening, decorating, genealogy, and traveling.

Kelby Fetter – Soil Conservationist

I work with anything that has to do with EQIP, CSP, and CRP. My technical and planning skills are what makes me a great asset to this team. Outside of work, I enjoy playing the guitar and spending time in the outdoors while fly fishing.


Chris Corgan – Resource Soil Conservationist

I love working in conservation because everyone and everything benefits- profit margins improve while soil and water quality improves. In working with the Conservation Farm Bill programs, I get to work with landowners to ensure the best for them and their resources. My commiment to sustainable agriculture is what I bring to the SCD team. When I am not at work, I enjoy restoring or repurposing “old” things to new!

Melissa Hanner – Resource Soil


My job as the Resource Soil Scientist allows me to show my passion for conservation through keeping our soils healthy here in Seneca County and across the 20 counties in northwest Ohio. I work mostly with the Farm Bill Conservation Compliance completing wetland determinations and occasionally with soil investigations and soil education (land judging and Envirothon). My extensive knowledge of GIS, soils & plants, and my spirit for teamwork are my contributions to the team. I enjoy spending my free time with my husband and 3 children hiking and looking for wildflowers.

Pheasant Forever Staff

Christina Slover- Farm Bill Biologist

I grew up exploring and fishing in the outdoors and it is this passion that led me to pursue an environmental profession. I have always loved to learn about the different environments which is why I have studied and worked in New York, Montana, and West Virginia. My goal is to share with others the things I have learned and apply my knowledge through CRP plans. I still enjoy spending times in the outdoors and do so whenever I get the chance and I look forward the many things I can learn here at Seneca Conservation District!

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